One Eighty


One Eighty is located on the 9th floor of the MAS with spectacular views over the port of Antwerp. One Eighty is based on the 9 years of experience of 9 Beaufort, the previous event location of Viki Geunes and his team. With One Eighty, the former gastronomic experience is modernized and rejuvenated.


Gitte Geunes, daughter of Viki & Viviane Geunes, is the manager of One Eighty. The years of experience of the Zilte restaurant is part of the basic principle of this unique place where food & drinks are paramount.



One Eigthy consists of two rooms: Room One and Room Eighty. Room One is the ideal space for meetings, brainstorming sessions and presentations with a maximum capacity of 24 people. Room Eighty is adjacent, where larger groups of up to 100 people can be seated and 130 people standing for various purposes.

Hospitality and solution-focused thinking are the central themes. This results in a wide range of options tailored to the customer and adaptable to everyone’s wishes. Just think of the organization of dinners, receptions, brainstorming sessions, lectures, presentations, walking lunches, private parties, weddings, etc.

Eigen Events

In-house concepts, everybody is welcome

One Eighty is more than just an event location and meeting room. In-house concepts are created in collaboration with the best that Antwerp has to offer. You can come and enjoy these concepts where food & drinks are the main theme on a regular basis.

We make every story count!